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The New Dawn: Links

Different Web pages for The New Dawn

My Space page
Pure Volume Page

Helpful Links

Pacific Northwest Bands
If you are interested in bands that originated in the Pacific Northwest from the 50's to the present, this site pretty much covers them all.
CD Baby
A great site that will get your music out there and make it available to the public, either in physical form or digital downloads.
The IndieBible
Great site for information and resources for Indie musicians
Just Plain Folks
A good information site where membership is free and members come from every aspect of the music industry.
If your looking to set up your own website, a web host site that is reasonable in price and easy to use.
Oasis CD Manufacturing
Not the cheapest place to have your new CD made, but promotional tools that are included with your order and the friendly, helpful staff make the extra money more than worth it.

Support our troops websites

Fisher House Foundation
Operation Comfort
Support Your Troops
Donate to the Troops

Site with info about PTSD and how it can affect sleep.


Help for PTSD and substance abuse.

U.S. Dept. of Vet, Affairs

Guide for finding a PTSD therapist.


Homeless Veterans resources.


Legal advice for Veterans.

Christian group websites

Need To Breath
Mercy Me
Casting Crowns
Third Day

Christian Search Engines

Christian Search Engine
Kingdom Seek
Christian Search Engine
Healing Through Christ

Help for Troubled Christians

Search engine submission sites

Submit your website to Google search engine.

Submit your website to MSN search engine.

Submit your website to Yahoo search engine.