Happy New Year 

I hope everyone is feeling okay the day after the night before. We went and spent the evening at my Brother-in-Laws house playing cards, video games with the kids, watching movies. I nodded off on the couch a little before midnight. They had to wake me up to watch the ball drop in Times Square. Ha Ha Ha. Getting old I guess.

Answer to comment. 

Hi Kelly, I am working on another regular rock album (as opposed to a Christian Rock album) but it will be a couple of years before it will be ready. I would like to do another Christian Rock album also, but at the moment, the creative well is dry. But that could change in a heart beat. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for being a fan. I wish we had a few hundred thousand more like you. Dan

New Blog Page 

I just opened this new blog page which is supposed to be interactive. I can post a message and you can respond. So, if you have something to say or a question, lets hear it.